Sustainability Policy

At Legwork Local Delivery, crafting, publishing and publicising our sustainability policy is part of our ongoing effort to operate transparently with internal and external stakeholders alike. Done right, we will remain accountable as we progress towards a world where people and goods move freely without burning fossil fuels.

For the purposes of this policy, we will borrow a definition of sustainability from the United Nations Brundtland Commission: “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” This definition allows for environmental, social and economic considerations, which are independently critical and inextricably linked.

The overarching purpose of this policy is to guide our company’s day-to-day business operations toward making a net-positive impact on our shared community and environment.

We begin with our core values. Through curiosity, we discover cleaner, more equitable solutions by understanding the experiences of others. Service, to us, means we love showing up for the environment and people in powerful, meaningful ways that promote well-being. We value our community by helping connect diverse groups and strengthening critical ecosystems through acts of service. Lastly, we take action to produce tangible results for our environment and for folks in our community; in other words, accountability. .

Our core values lead to critical business considerations like, for example, who we buy from, how much we compensate employees and where we get our energy from. In turn, these considerations lead to tangible actions. For example, we pay living wages to everyone who works at Legwork Local Delivery. We don’t subject job applicants to pre-employment background checks or drug tests. And we are enrolled in Pacific Power’s green power program.

We always seek to take the most accurate and transparent measurements of our impact as possible, allowing us to move, with intention, toward a world where people and goods move freely without burning fossil fuels.