Portland Same Day Courier Service

We’re proud to offer Portland same day courier service with no emissions but most people might not be aware of how the courier service came to be in the first place. Historians have found that that the Portland same day courier service seems to date back to the advent of the Wells Fargo wagon back in 1852 (as shown in the music man). Before that, it’s not quite clear how mail got from one place to the next but the experts agree it was most likely delivered on foot by people who were hired to do so. After it became the preeminent delivery service in the nation, this gave way to the rise of the pony express. They were able to get packages to their destinations a bit more quickly due to the use of the traditional stage coach. It showed the demand there was for a courier service & nowadays Portland same day courier service has become a $59 billion industry. 90% of that revenue goes to the most well known shipping companies such as DHL, ups and FedEx as well as the lesser known USA couriers. Of course, regular mail is often delivered by the USPS since they are the only ones who are legally able to do so. What a lot of people do not know is the marathon is 26 miles due to the fact that one of the couriers named Pheidippides ran from marathon to Greece to let them the know that the Greeks had won the Greco Persian war. Outside of the US, the concept of the courier first came to be in Persia in 400 BCE when prince Cyrus would use runners, homing pigeons & even guys on horses to spread his messages to the rest of the kingdom. You’ll find our prices to be fair as we only charge $1 per mile. To learn more about how you can use Portland same day courier service, call us.