Our client’s most frequently
asked questions

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  • 1 . What is your delivery order cutoff time?

    Delivery order cutoff times are different for each member level! If you are a plugged in member, order cutoff time is 12pm for next day delivery. If you are a charged member, order cutoff time is 1pm same day delivery. If you are super-charged member, order cutoff time is 2pm same day delivery.

  • 2. Do you deliver on Sundays?

    Yes! In fact, we deliver 7 days/week!

  • 3. How do you calculate pricing per order?

    Our delivery management software system uses an advanced mapping platform to automatically determine the billable mileage for each shipment.

  • 4. What is the price if the destination is less than a mile away?


  • 5. Can you deliver the same day?

    Oh yeah! If you have a charged or super-charged member level, same day delivery is included in your service!

  • 6. We get why Legwork is environmentally friendly, but are you socially responsible, too?

    Indeed, we are!  Here are several examples of ways we positively impact all of our stakeholders:
    - When purchasing goods and services, we prioritize local businesses owned by underrepresented groups who share our values around environmental and social responsibility.
    - We pay a $20/hour minimum starting wage to all of our employees.
    - We join together with like-minded businesses through membership in organizations like Forth Mobility and Business for a Better Portland to advocate for local, regional and national policy changes that we believe in and care deeply about.

  • 7. You claim to be 100% zero emissions, but how do you account for the fossil-fuel-derived electricity you use?

    We are enrolled in Pacific Power’s Blue Sky Habitat program, which allows us to match our electricity consumption with support for renewable energy projects and make a monthly contribution to salmon habitat restoration projects. Fundamentally, we believe in the power of renewable energy, and we support a clean-up-the-grid and electrify-everything approach.

  • 8. How many cubic feet of available cargo space do your vehicles have?

    Smart fortwo: 12
    Think City: 29
    Nissan Leaf: 30

  • 9. How many miles of range do your vehicles get?

    Smart fortwo: 75 - 85 miles
    Think City: 70 - 80 miles
    Nissan Leaf: 55 - 65 miles

  • 10. What are your delivery hours?

    You’ll find us working between 8:00am and 8:00pm

  • 11. What are your office hours?

    You’ll find us working between 9:00am and 4:00pm