Delivery Companies in Lake Oswego

If you are looking for the best delivery companies in Lake Oswego, look no further than Legwork Local Delivery. Legwork is the only all-electric, emissions-free delivery fleet serving the Portland-Metro area 7 days a week. Unlike other delivery companies in Lake Oswego Legwork has some of the best rates and delivery services. With Legwork you will have 3 different delivery options to choose from, same day delivery at +5 dollars per delivery guaranteed to get to you by 8 pm if you order before 12pm, standard next day delivery at 1 dollar per mile which will be rounded to the nearest mile between your pickup and dropoff, and finally you can upgrade to a time definite delivery at +5 dollars per delivery guaranteeing your delivery before or after a pre-selected time. Legwork stands out from the rest of the delivery companies in Lake Oswego due to their continuous commitment to change the environment by driving electricity driven cars. Legwork also partners with other companies that care about the world and environment such as 1% for the planet, a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental nonprofits, Portland means progress, which helps businesses improve and build a more equitable city by helping companies hire local youth of color, buy more from local businesses owned by people of color and take the next step in diversity, equity and inclusion, while Oregon pride in business champions opportunity, development, and advocacy for Oregon’s LGBTQ+ &Allied business community as well as many others! Delivery companies in Lake Oswego can not compare to Legwork’s sense of community and their desire to help people in more ways than just delivering packages. Legwork has created a family with their community and customers! Once you give Legwork the chance to show what their company is all about I am sure you will find the message behind the company just as beautiful as the people who work within it.