Blog • 7/08/2021

Have Flowers Delivered: Coy & Co., Portland’s Sustainable Florist

When it comes to local delivery, you don’t have to choose between a thriving business and a thriving planet. At Legwork, we’re working to prove it every day.

When it comes to local flowers, our dear friends at Coy & Co. Curatorial Floral are conducting a masterclass on how to run a flower shop the right way, with passion, integrity and caring.

Passion shows up in every artful, thoughtful arrangement Lynsea, the founder and curator, does, from the color, quality and biodegradable, non-toxic nature of each flower to the complete absence of single-use plastic packaging. Every detail is considered and the result is a unique experience!

Integrity Is tough to measure, but you know it when you see it. From our privileged behind-the-scenes vantage point, we see clearly that how business gets done matters to Lynsea. And it matters both with the aspects of the business visible to customers and with the aspects further back in the supply chain that today’s consumers often aren’t aware of, like who actually grows the flowers.

Caring about her community is intertwined with running her own business. For example, through regular participation in the City’s Green Streets Program cleaning up the natural rainwater catchment features nearby or through lending shop space for other businesses to pop up at and gain exposure, Lynsea is helping initiate and perpetuate a virtuous cycle of success and well-being.

Here at Legwork, we couldn’t be more pleased and honored to be Coy & Co.’s local delivery partner! And we’re here to tell you that you can have flowers delivered AND feel really good about it.