Best Delivery Service for Small Business in Portland

Best Delivery Service for Small Business in Portland

Since 2005, Legwork Local Delivery has had best delivery service for small business in Portland. We can handle any delivery with a fleet of 15 cars and drivers. We’ve got you covered, whether it’s a single document in Manhattan or 500 pounds of food in Washington, D.C.

We serve only one client at a time to provide best delivery service for small business in Portland and work closely with them to ensure their products get precisely where they’re going on time and without issue.

As proven in our numerous reviews and press, Legwork Local Delivery is a reliable service provider with a reputation for best delivery service for small business in Portland. We are the only local delivery service in the United States entirely owned and operated by former military service members, giving us an incredible amount of experience in delivering packages, meeting deadlines and working with the military community.

Our fleet is full of vehicles that have been explicitly made for delivery. Each car is custom-tailored to ensure our service will be dependable, providing you with the best possible experience. Throughout all of the vehicles, there are computers and tablets to provide our drivers with up-to-date information about their location and directly connect them to their local delivery team on the road, where they can communicate with us quickly, update the status on a package or even contact us if they feel uncomfortable driving through an area.

What makes us so great?

Besides having the ability to be best delivery service for small business in Portland, we also provide local deliveries right in the general area. Local deliveries are usually smaller jobs like a package delivery or two and last only an hour or two. Our local deliveries allow businesses not to worry about shipping smaller items across the country if they don’t need to have them there immediately.

Since we are an independent company and are not affiliated with any of our clients, we can also handle special requests that may be more complex or require more services than our typical delivery. If your order requires a signature (such as a package or mail containing a firearm), we can do that.

While most local deliveries only last one or two hours, there have been occasions when they stayed all day. For larger orders and faster delivery times, it’s more cost-effective for us to deliver these items immediately.